September 3, 2019
Kinnaur Circuit (7N/8D)
September 10, 2019

Hudan Bhatori

When I will sum up my experience from Pangi Killar road trip a village will always be close to my heart. Specifically called Hudan Bhatori. The experience of my two night stay in this village is something which can never be bought. Reaching a destination which was never known when I started for this trip from Manali. I am gald that there isn't any mention of this beautiful sacred village on the internet anywhere. To be precise it's about 18 km off track from the main Killar village ahead Pangi in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. Fortunately the road facility reaches till the village entrance but there is no doubt the road conditions keeps it's similarity alive here as well. The road is total off-road like it's been ahead Udaipur. A lot of pushing is required if you are not having a 4*4 vehicle to drive till here. Mostly the people in this village follow Buddhism as there religion but there are hindu people also jointly living in harmony. Dependent of livestock and agriculture this area is known to produce some good quality potatoes and peas. Apart from that people also search local medical herbs which can be found deep in the mountains. Networking giants still haven't been successful to setup a strong communication zone here. It doesn't affect them either they have developed a good survival zone and people are very much connected with the head quarters which can either be Manali or Chamba which almost lies on equal distance. The area is also near to the boundaries of Jammu. The pictures and stories from the village are endless. Tried sharing some of the glimpse around Takvas and Hudan Bhatori region.
Hospitality doesn't come with money neither it comes with infrastructure or modern house. Sitting inside tradition Hudan Bhatori house was a incredible feeling. The joy I felt there singing dancing and laughing was something which created a bond with people i know little and some of them I didn't even know. House made of wide stone walls, wooden floor and mud sealings which never let cold hit inside. Tandoor burning and food been cooked by ladies of the house. A magnificent wooden framed window showcasing these soothing mountains where still old snow is struggling to melt. Desperate snow waiting to flow and meet the mighty Chanda bhaga river somewhere in Killar. The famous delicious potatoes boiled and served with cilly chutnyei wasn't a bad Udan( उड़न) with local alcohol made of jau( जौ) The cheese was double heavy than the one we usually consume. And people serving wide range of snacks with rich dry fruits. The tones of those songs which mostly we failed to understand is still flowing deep in my ears. But what always will be in my heart is the love we got from the people of Hudan.
At last I am sharing one of the most interesting facts I learned during this entire trip. A tale which could be goosebumps for the notorious once here. A tale about those 200 crore swords each which are stuck in that mountains from years. From ancient time when world was pure. . . If you swipe the pictures left you will come across each of that sword I am talking about. It also took us a long time to locate them on that mountains. In fact it was not 80 % possible to see them with naked eyes. I used my 70-300 mm lens to see them myself. The local bro accompanying us was so much curious to tell us about this unpopular tale. We were damn curious to learn about it so we stepped out of our cars to go near to the mountain. We could only stand on the road a peep up to locat these swords. Finally the camera helped us to find them. . . Now let me come to the point. As we were told that these were digged inside by a person to the local god centuries ago. Now you can imagine that how could it be possible to reach there. A place which has now way to climb. Though I wasn't shocked as I knew it is damn possible when devta comes inside a human. It's the devta power which does these things offering special power to the person inside whom the devta has entered. . . I have tried showcasing all three of these swords in my pictures ahead. As the topic was that why don't someone go and get them. They are 200 crore each in today's world. I don't doubt this statement either. Neither I doubt that no one can go there and get them. In today's technical world it's a easy task. One can easily plan to reach there, get them and sell them. But the point is my people, people of Himachal still believes in spirituality and our devtas are our lifelines. We would never betray our gods over money. Few people do and they suffer their fate. It would be good to keep them safe their and keep alive this tale for centuries to come

Dekhen 2019

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When I left for Hudan. I really didn't know anything about it. Neither their village, religion or culture. I was told we are going to visit a annual festival there and till than I even didn't knew the name of the fair moreover till I returned home I still didn't knew it was called Dekhen unless I found few similar videos on YouTube mentioning this name. But so far I have understood that the language of Humanity is one which keeps aside all other aspects of Himalayas or may be the mountains you can call. The fair day started with people coming from near by area's to Hudan. Villages around Killar and nearby all started to join the get-together near a beautiful lake 2 km ahead Hudan village. The head of the ceremony arrived in the morning in their traditional dress with unique trishul and few people carrying a drum beating it with a slow speed. The heads(don't know what exactly they are called) visited every home in the village before reaching the lake. One member from each family accompanied them. After gathering at the lake. It was all about dance, walking and other devatas rituals which they started performing. Later men dressed casually joined together and started performing a dance which was slow but accurate with the steps just beside to the lake. After the holy work was completed everyone jumped into the ground and started dancing. They danced till it started raining. All men women and children dressed amazingly were seen around the beautiful plain area. Every one danced in a circle and me and my friend also didn't hesitate to walk in. We danced and danced as if they were our own people and we were a part of that celebration. The valley was all echoing with beautiful chants sung by women. We failed to understand it but we were all flown with the current flow. It was both buddhist and hindu people were in this ceremony as if religion was just a myth. Few Ladies were seen in traditional pangi dress with churidaar pajama and beautifully crafted joji on their heads. I don't have more words to describe the vibe I felt at this place. I wouldn't have enjoyed recording this video as much as I loved dancing their with unknown people.

What the author photographer has to say
" I owe a return to Hudan Bhatori as i missed reaching Shiva Peak (6142m) base and crossing the Tingloti pass (4700m) to reach the Sural valley."


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