Trek To Mantalai Lake

February 28, 2018
May 27, 2018
One of the most lavishing treks in deep parvati valley Mantalai is considered as the origin of river parvati. As stated by our cofounder and team organizer he says that he doesn’t believe it as the origin of parvati as water streams are coming from pin valley side and it is collected in a natural lake called the mantalai lake. If considered as a complete trail this place lies on the pin parvati pass trek which is considered as joining of two famous valleys that is pin valley and parvati valley. Fore tales believe that this trail was surpassed by pandavas in ancient times. The trail too is based on religious sentiments as you locate sculptures of lord shiva beside the lake and people from locality often visit here to gain blessings. These idols of lord shiva get submerged under the lake in extreme winters as the lake is covered with glaciers all around.
The beauty and peace of the trail can’t be expressed in words. You will find this places as one of the least explored places on mother earth with 0 % human distraction and 100% cleanness. The trail is covered around tall mountains in which 99% have never been ascended which are further adjoined by long distance meadows mainly used as grazing grounds by shepherds who have been coming here from centuries with their animals. To be true this valley is also considered mysterious as it has high number of death counts. Many trekkers from all around the world have gone missing here and were never found again. No one knows what happened to them. In some cases the remains of the missing were also not located. Inspite of high level search and rescue operations conducted by government and local agencies they couldn’t get any information about the trekkers. So it is always preferred to take along a well known guide with you who have deep knowledge about the valley. Recently in 2016 a well known travel blogger and trekker named Justin Alexander went missing and was never found again. His parents organized a helicopter search operation after consulting the Indian government but didn’t have a clue that what happened to him. Later only his trekking stick was found and the operation was terminated forever.
Never mind incidents as such keep happing once in a full moon. We regret that missing people sent their families into a mysterious state that these heart breaking incidents won’t let them recover ever in their lifespan. But what our team leader believes is that in such cases it’s always the human error which comes into the play 90% of the time. Rest 10% could be natural mishaps like mountain slides, wild animal attacks or stuck by some natural phenomenon. What he says after completing this trail many times and after spending a lot of time this valley is that, there is no way getting injured or missing if person keeps away from dangerous points. The trail is very much visible as you can locate the path by footmarks of people traveling on this trail for years in spite the valley covered under snow for a long period time in the year. Every destination on the way comes with a separate atmosphere to cherish. A new challenge won’t stop you to return where as it will provide a new energy after every step to keep exploring and you will wish see something new,something soothing as you keep moving forward.
DAY 1 – Bhuntar – Kheerganga (50km(10km trek to kheerganga))
Starting our first day from pickup point bhuntar and heading upwards on this glorious trek. Reaching kheerganga (2960 m) by evening covering kasol,manikaran,rudranag waterfall on our way. And guess what waits up there. It’s hot water springs waiting for you to flush away all your tensions of the previous world and move on ultra refreshing journey for a week without connectivity. HURRY!
DAY 2 - Kheerganga - Tunda Bhuj (18 kms trek)
Heading forward on the trail passing through thick pine forests you will find spectacular mountain ranges around you. The path goes parallel to river parvati till end. You won’t find any difficult patches on day 2. Will come across shelters made by gujjars (buffalo keepers) here till we reach our campsite. Overnight stay in Tundrabhuj (3285 m).
DAY 3 - Tunda Bhuj- Thakar Kuan (16 kms trek)
Leaving Tunda Bhuj early morning moving ahead deeper into the valley through various up and down patches on the way you will find dense vegetation with unseen variety of flowers and other plants. Some portion of the path seems difficult due to near water streams and self made wooden bridges made for crossing of animals. Rocky surrounding pastures make the place a mesmerizing patch to have a night stay and witness the extraordinary essence of the valley. Overnight stay in Thakur Kuan (3560 m) .
DAY 4 - Thakar Kuan - Pandu Bridge - Uditach(15 kms trek)
Moving on passes the trail through various pastures similar to the last day without any steep climb. But this day comes with various ironically dangerous spots to cross mainly the rock bridge known as pandupul. It is believed to be made by bheem during acient time of his ‘vanvas’. It isn’t a dangerous point if you keep your footsteps firmly with good balancing skills. After crossing the bridge you will spot out the best possible view of your life time. We are sure this patch of the trek will steal your heart forever. I personally feel this place is the utter most priority of me to goon this trek. Long covering grazing grounds makes you cover Uditach. Where you will witness the calmest form of river parvati and you won’t hesitate to cross it bare feet. On the way we will cross hundreds of small water steam joining the river from all glaciers peaks which stand still all around. I believe undiscovered. We will pitch our tents for the night anywhere we on this patch. Overnight stay at a place you will see only greenery and best palce for star grazing. The night stay will be in “Uditach” If the timing goes our way.
DAY 5 – Uditach – Mantalai Lake – Uditach
Next day comes as a day we call as summit day. After breakfast we will leave early to the lake leaving all our heavy stuff in the camp. We will just carry some eatables, camera, music gears and other useful items only. After a hours or two walk we will reach the holy manatalai lake (4116 m). You can witness the beauty of amazingly formed lake and spend as much as time you want there. Exploring the mountains of pin valley which lies beyond the lake. After that we will head back towards the camp and have lunch there. From afternoon to evening everyone is free to roam around and enjoy their way.
DAY 6 – Uditach- Thakar Kuan
Trekking back on the same trail we headed forward on. Night stay in between according to everyone’s willingness.
DAY 7 - Thakar Kuan – Tunda Bhuj
Trekking back on the same trail to the campsite we stay on our way up.
DAY 8 - Tunda Bhuj – Kheerganga – Bhuntar
In the morning after breakfast. We will try reaching kheerganga as soon as possible so that we can get sufficient time to take a hot water bath shedding away all the tiredness of previous days. Then we will start marching down to reach the cab waiting for us in barsheni. You will be dropped back in bhuntar that evening.
• Pickup from Bhuntar or any other nearby destination depending upon your last night stay in non ac vehicles.
• Accommodation in triple sharing tents while camping on the trail.
• In case of girls we can provide double sharing tent facilities.
• Single sharing tent can be available per pax with 300 Rs extra charges per night.
• All three meals which include Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Including tea and snacks every evening.
• Lunch may be packed for each day depending on the walking speed of members.
• Highly active and experienced trek guide and high altitude cook with prior experiences on the trail.
• Campfire facilities on every evening to keep you warm.
• Good matrices and sleeping bags per person.
• Separate kitchen tents.
• Regularly pitched toilet tents with deep pit in order to keep valley clean.
• Porters to carry all the stuff required on the whole trek.
• All necessary equipment's such as ropes, carabineers and sticks.
• Clean utensils everyday according to your need.
• All basic medical emergencies and medicines.
• Every evening music facilities till the battery lasts.
• Well lighted tents in evening with separate emergency torches and candles in case of emergency.
• Complimentary Photography of the members.
• Last night hotel stay anywhere near the point of pickup.
• Any bus fare/train fare or air bookings.
• Warm clothes, trekking boots ,snow boots etc.
• Meals other than mentioned.
• Any kind of medical insurances.
• Any kind of drugs or alcoholic drinks will not be provided by our side.
• Any kind of power bank for charging your gears.
• You are all responsible for your gears at any point of the trail.
NOTE : The itinerary mentioned above is all based on our previous trekking expeditions. There may be a slight shuffle in timings of the whole schedule depending upon weather conditions, pace of our team members on the trail, weight of people trekking with us and extra time consumed by any members due to any unspecified activity. Whereas the facts and figures mentioned above(distance in km and altitude) are all bases on online data available and rough judgments of our guides and trek operators.
NOTE : Please carry a valid identity proof in order to fill up our NOC form before moving on. Do ensure you are mentally, physically and emotionally fit as we do not conduct any medical tests before booking you for this trail. Keep in mind you won’t have any connectivity during the whole trek ahead kheerganga. So keep your guardians updated from before in case of emergencies. Do go through our website to update yourself regarding important accessories to be taken on the trek. Keep your bag pack light as much as it can be. Only take important stuff with you. Don’t forget keeping cash and sweets of course with you. HAPPY HIKING WITH TAKE A BREAK

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